Nu Eyne is a medical device company that focuses on treating ophthalmological disorders, such as dry eye syndrome and eye pain, by applying tissue engineering and neuro-modulation technology.
The members of Nu Eyne are well-experienced in research and development of biomedical devices.
Dohyoung Kim Executive Partnered with biomedical engineers and clinicians to develop different devices and applications of neuromodulation
Wonjang Lee IP & Legal Specialized in managing intellectual properties. Particularly in biomedical industries.
Jooown Seo Technology Specialized in biomedical and neuro-engineering. Developed medical devices and interested in robotics.
Pk Kim Strategy Specialized in biomechanics, cognition and biochemistry. Involved in developing applications for treating neuropsychiatric disorders.

403, Seoul Biohub, 117-3 Hoegi-ro, Dongdaemun-gu Seoul, Korea